When one and one, for Arlen

“Thee. And me,” you said,

near the beginning. You have

my heart fast to yours. Home is ours,

thing that was me now theeme

inextricable. Choice, will, no,

just is, we that must be. What I do,

of you is sum and sum is you to me.

You said also, “One and one equal three.”

I kenned not, but now we two ones

are theemewe, your word again. The be.

 — Frances Huggard Migliaccio

 — November 4, 2012


Aunt Minnie

Aunt Minnie loved me. She told me

Jesus loved me as she

Taught me to play marbles with buckeyes

On her worn rug, below the photos

On the upright piano.

The privy out back was too big, she gave me

A white enamel pail instead under the grape arbor.

When I was hungry, she fried me a cake

Of leftover mashed potato: heaven! And

What she had.

Aunt Minnie loved me. When I was older, I learned

That in the home, where she died, Aunt Minnie kept

My baby face on a table, and every night,

Kissed me

and put me to sleep

inside the drawer,

Her little white baby.

— Frances Huggard Migliaccio (2008)

(Published in Bow Wave, Issue 639, May 8, 2012)

bird know

duck in snow


qua-qua man call

duck word loud over pond

and throw black seeds

shiny on snow


chickadee in snow

she know

suet man cram

slab in cage

chat-watch make sure

he do it right

heckle-chat instructives

he ck-ck-ck back

he do know her

she know


cardinal, bluejay, finch in snow


clutch on feeder perch

sure for seed

plumage flash seen from window

ensure seed to come


crow in snow

he know

take feeder on a spin

ride it, swing and shake to make

black oil seed




to crow below

on snow


— Frances Huggard Migliaccio