Winter Solstice 2016



Draw near, draw near:

inside the warm house

on the cold hill.


As the fire draws sustenance,

spreading an ancient, sure cheer,

draw near, draw near.


Stars burn with heat impalpable,

light filtered through years.

Somewhere, the stars.

Closer, the moon reflects coldly

on our human condition.


We are another sure warmth:

of breathing animals

with minds alight:


Draw near, celebrate

Earth’s gifts, protect

them for our children’s

children, share them

with all.


At solstice we know: sun will break at day.


We regard

pieces of our torn world,

veins of Earth exposed.


We recall

peace we conjured in songs of old,

vain hopes sung to the void.


Still we sing, blindly

knowing we must.


Draw near — draw near — we breathe


— Frances Huggard Migliaccio


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